boutique's about us
Juneshan Boutique is an multibrand contemporary fashion retail store for men and women, which aims to present and promote fashion brands from across the world. We have independent and professional fashion buyers who take time to research and select fashion brands as well as the most current collections in order to create an exceptional platform for our customers.

Formed in 2013, Juneshan Boutique has now collaborated with more than 50 fashion brands in the world, and received amazing reviews from both brands and customers all over the China.

Juneshan Boutique 是一家致力于展现和推广来自世界各地时尚品牌的多品牌当代时尚零售店。为了给客户创造一个卓越的时尚平台,Juneshan Boutique拥有独立和专业的时尚买手,他们在各大时装周及showroom挑选合适的时尚品牌以及最新的系列产品。

成立于2013年的Juneshan Boutique,目前已与世界上50多个时尚品牌达成合作,并获得了这些品牌合作伙伴以及来自中国各地的客户的一致好评